Steel Wire End Fed Antenna

Recently I invested in some 1.2mm stainless steel wire rope based on some comments from a couple of members of my local club.  My first application was a replacement wire for my well worn but trusty multiband end fed antenna from Hyendfed.  Basically this is simply 20m of wire attached to a matching network.  I use this antenna quite a bit when portable so it gets a battering and it is no surprise the original wire broke after a few years of abuse.  I needed to put a new strain relief at the attachment point and all I really had were cable ties, so on those went and the steel wire is wrapped a couple of times around 2 of those then around the bolt which forms both the mechancial and electrical connection.  I think another flat washer may be needed here.  A U-bolt saddle clamps the wire together and is quite tight.  Some locktite will be needed to keep the nuts in place.  The far end has a similar saddle clamp securing the rope to an eye to help keep the rope from fraying and to provide a good strong point to hang the antenna from.  In the end quite a simple thing to do.  All the hardware and rope is available from Bunnings.  I always use the stainless steel/marine grade stuff.

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