Sandy Creek CP VKFF-0933

Today was the VKFF Activation Weekend and Nigel VK5NIG and I headed to Sandy Creek Conservation Park for several hours.  We got setup around 10:30 and made steady progress till early afternoon.  We had 2 stations setup – one on 40M and one on 20M but the latter proved to be very quiet, so we took turns on 40M.  I ended up with 26 QSO’s with 16 of those park to park contacts and 1 SOTA summit.  The equipment used was an IC7000 + inverted V and a FT857 + end fed multi band.  I took quite a bit of footage with my new GoPro and have started learning how to edit videos.  As of right now there is little progress and much frustration and bad language, so don’t hold you breath for any video soon :(.  Thanks to Nigel for some of the photos.


DSCN4688 DSCN4669


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  1. Good read Stuart. Had a great time with lots of parks activity. Must try that loop antenna out here! Great to have a chat with a lot of the usual Parks and SOTA operators and some new call signs for the logs. The low noise level certainly makes it more enjoyable out here that he normal home QTH. Looks like gardening tomorrow! 73s and thanks again.

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