2016 Summer VHF UHF Field Day


Well this was my second attempt at participating in this contest and I must confess that I am not a fan.   Made only 2 local contacts in about 2 hours on 2M.  While I was not expecting a pile up I did expect more activity.  I was using a 10el Yagi on 2m and a dipole on 6m.  Even with the Yagi I could not hear anything beyond a couple of local stations.  Perhaps more patience is needed.  Perhaps I need to try tagging along with more experienced operators.  I’ll see what happens next contest.  I made a short video (as seems the be the case every time I do something these days !)

3 Comments on "2016 Summer VHF UHF Field Day"

  1. Another high quality video Stu. Sorry to hear that you only managed a few contacts. Next Time!. 73

  2. Great video again Stu. The high view of the operating spot on this occasion and the commentary driving home was A great idea. Sorry couldn’t make it on t his occasion but xyl had her eye on a new fridge! Hopefully the next contest will be a bit more active. 73s. NIg.

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