Parks Activation – Para Wirra Recreation Park



On Saturday 27 August I ventured to Para Wirra Recreation Park (WWFF-1739) with Nigel, VK5NIG to activate this newly added park.  We setup toward the top end of the park, not too far from the oval.  It was pleasant day – not too cold and nice when the sun was out.  After getting setup we made a couple of lazy contacts, Nige on 40m and myself on 20m.  At one stage I was working 40m and managed 46 contacts, with a few pile ups to boot.  This is the first time I mange managed 44+ contacts in a single activation.

It had been quite a few weeks since I had been out and needed to get a ‘fix’.  Work has been extremely busy and I have been working a few weekends, so getting a way for a few hours was great therapy!  Thanks to all who came up and gave us a shout and for those who spotted us  – very much appreciated.

para wirra aug2016

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