Catastrophic Failure


Turns out that when a telescopic aluminium mast fills to the top with water it gets way too heavy.  No damage other than the mast itself.  Fiberglass pole quickly erected in the meantime.  I think it is time for a more permanent and appropriate mast to be installed, given the far end of the wire is about 30m up in a group of trees that can move quite a lot during strong winds.  The feedline is LMR 400 and although it seems to be dragging the pole down in the photo below, it normally come off the back of the mast to act as a little bit of a back stay.  In addition to a ~25m end fed I want to put up a 2m/70cm antenna and some sort of receive antenna – primarily for airband and scanner stuff, so likely to be a discone.  Possibly even an ADSB receive antenna if I have the room.

Broken Pole

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