VI5ANZAC Special Event


On 25 Sept I was lucky enough to help activate the VI5ANZAC special event callsign through the North East Radio Club.  We setup from about 3pm on Friday 25th and operated through to just after lunch on Sat 26th.  We had 4 stations setup and worked from 80m through to 10m and 2M + 70cm.  Just over 100 QSO’s were logged.  Nigel VK5NIG organsied and promoted the event for the club and credit to him for taking the initiative to get this up and running.  It was he, Allen VK5LAM, Norm VK5FNGM and myself who operated overnight.  We had quite a few visitors on the Friday night and Saturday and a couple of other sat in a chair and have out a couple of contacts.  Thanks to all who made contact.  It was a fun event and one that I am very proud to have been involved in, given the special nature of the event.

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