New Antenna Build

new dipolesToday I decided to start constructing a pair of new dipole antennas.  It was too nice a day to be inside and I was at a bit of a loose end so seemed like a good idea.  These dipoles are going to end up as fan dipoles for use during contests and other serious portable operations where there are 2 stations.  Not sure which bands will be covere on each antenna, but the aim is to have all contest bands 10 thru 160m covered on 2 antennas if possible.  I suspect another antenna may be needed, but these 2 are for 20m and 40m(which also covers 15m).  The trick will be getting 160m and 80m on different antennas so that there is a good spread of ‘daytime’ and ‘nighttime’ bands that can be used on 2 transceivers simultaneously.  The baluns are from Balun Designs and I have a couple of their products in use elsewhere and have found them to be very good.  The wire used is 1.2mm stainless steel wire rope, which is marine grade, and appropriate hardware to secure it.  I have had success in using these recently on an end fed and I think it is going to be my choice for all wire antennas.  It is very light, strong and fairly easy to use, though not as simple as stranded electrical wire.


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